Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning services involves short term and long term plan of the business to achieve its goals. Strategic Planning Services involves corporate planning, business plan, marketing strategy etc.

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Every business organisation operates with a set of goals to be achieved. In order to achieve such goals, planning in a phased manner is necessary. This Planning is called Strategic Planning Services.

Business Plan Review: We will analyse and prepare a report on the overall business plan, this comprises of historical data, historical footprints of planning and mapping it with the future goals of the organisation. Considering the vision of the organisation, its goal and planning to achieve that goal is designed in midterm plan (usually between 3-5 years) and long term plan (usually between 8-10 years).

Corporate Planning & Organisational Structure: We will review and analyse the present organisational structure, we will also analyse the top level, medium level and low level hierarchy and flow of information within the organisation. After analysing all the information, we will prepare report on proposed organisation structure; this will strengthen the corporate planning and would effectively work towards achieving the goal of the organisation. Corporate Plan shold also adhere statutory compliance under Companies Act.

Forecasting & Sensitivity Analysis: We will prepare a report on forecast covering all financial projections. This forecast will be prepared for next 3-5 years, we will analyse and focus on inflow and outflow of cash along-with profitability of the company mapping with organisational goals. We will map the sensitive areas and prepare strategic planning for smoothly running of operations. Sensitive areas may be in the form of key variables that will influence the cost and benefit of the product.

International Structuring of Organisation: When the organisation has goals for globalisation of the organisation, then in order to create presence in new countries, strategic planning services is required regarding the type of entity to be open in the form of Branch Company or in the form of holding and subsidiary. All the result would depend upon the analysis and planning keeping into consideration the tax structure and other factors that influence the presence of entity in new country. This may require overhauling the management structure in order to create presence of global business leaders.

Marketing Strategy: In order to achieve the goal of the organisation, strategic planning services also includes planning for marketing strategy, the customer base need to be identified, marketing planning may involve analysing the user behaviour, strategy to increase the user base. The company should also make strategy to tap and capture new markets where the demand of its goods or services is thrusting; this will help company to increase its margin.

Business Competitiveness Planning: Every organisation makes plan in order to achieve its goals, in order to make effective plan, both external factors and internal factors need to be taken into consideration. Strategic planning services must also involve business competitiveness planning and analyse the strategy of peer companies. The company must also consider the exposure of competition in the market and accordingly plan its advertising and marketing strategy.

Investment Planning: All the organisations must also plan the investment strategies keeping in line with the expansion, and market situation. The investment planning must be made mapping with the financial forecast and cash position of the organisation at regular intervals.

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