GST E-way Bill

GST E-way Bill

GST e-way bill or GST electronic way bill is mechanism to update regarding movement of goods from one place to another before start of movement of such goods.

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GST E-way bill is electronic way bill which is required to be carried by the transported along-with tax invoice or delivery challan which authenticate the movement of goods from one place to another. GST in India is in nascent stage, it becomes operative from 01st July 2017, and thereafter the e-way bill becomes operative from 01st April 2018 onwards. GST being in the nature of Indirect Tax, it is governed and administered by CBIC (Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs), CBIC has provided a platform for registration to generate and validate e-way bill, it can be accessed on and Presently all registered tax payers and all registered transporters can create their user profile on e-way bill portal and generate the required e-way bill.

Being part of digitization, Government is also testing to link the e-way bill with VAHAN portal. VAHAN is government portal maintained by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it can be accessed on, after linking of e-way bill portal with VAHAN portal, and all the registered vehicles can be verified online on instant basis.

Certain points to be considered for E-Way bill

  • E-way bill is to be generated by the supplier of goods or purchaser of goods if the transportation is carried on owned / hired conveyance or by railways or by air or by vessel.
  • E-Way bill can also be generated by the transporter if the goods are handed to a transporter for transportation.
  • Generation of E-way bill is mandatory if the value of goods is more than INR 50,000.
  • There may be scenario where multiple consignments of different value are carried in a single vehicle, in such cases, all those consignment having value more than INR 50,000 need to mandatorily generate e-way bill. For multiple consignment carried on single vehicle, the transporter need to prepare a consolidated e-way bill by indicating serial number of each e-way bill before commencement of transportation of goods.
  • There may be scenario where the vehicle may change during the transit, in such cases, transporter transferring goods from one conveyance to another in the course of transit shall, before such transfer and further movement of goods, update the details of the conveyance in the e-way bill on the common portal in FORM GST EWB-01.
  • E-way bill generated has validity as per the distance involved in transportation. E-way bill shall remain valid from the date and time of generation till another day in case of distance less than 100 Kms and every one additional day is added on addition of every 100 Kms. E-way bill once generated cannot be valid after its expiry, thus if there is any delay in transportation, the transporter need to amend or cancel and make fresh e-way bill.
  • E-Way bill generated can be cancelled online within 24 hours of its generation, however if the e-way bill cannot be cancelled if it is verified during the transit.
  • E-Way bill is not applicable on following categories:
  • Goods transported in a non-motorised vehicle
  • Goods transported to and from Port / Airport / Air Cargo Complex / Custom Station to Inland Container Depot (ICD) or Container Freight Station (CFS) for clearance by Customs.
  • Goods transported under customs supervision under customs seal.
  • Empty cargo containers
  • Goods transported through Rail, where consignor of goods is Central Government or state Government or Local Body.
  • Goods transported within 50 kilometres and within same state.
  • Goods which are exempt from e-way bill as mentioned in Rule 138, such as LPG, Oil, Postal Baggage, Currency, Personal and household effect, Jewellery etc.

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