Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Digital Signature Certificate is granted by Certifying Authority such as e-mudhra, TCS, Sify etc. Most of the online application for statutory filings require Digital Certificate. It is also required in e-tendering process.

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Digital Signature Certificate is abbreviated as DSC. Information Technology Act 2000 recognizes and authenticity of validly digitally signed documents. As per IT Act any document or Form can be transmit online after authenticating it with Digital Signature Certificate, the user of such form or document can verify the authenticity of Digital Signature using Public Key.

There are three types of DSC : Class 2 DSC, Class 3 DSC and DGFT DSC.

Class 2 DSC: These are DSC which are used by Individuals, these class 2 signed documents are available for download after verifying the signature using Public key based on trusted and pre-verified database.

Class 3 DSC: These are DSC having highest level of security, Class 3 Digital signatures are issued after the applicant verification is properly verified by Registration Authority. Registration Authority (RA) is the person who verifies and issue DSC.

DGFT DSC: Those companies / organisations which are trading in export and import activities need to communicate with the DGFT on regular basis either for filing any statutory form or to generate any bill of entry. For such purposes user need DSC issued by DGFT only. DGFT use to issue DSC to valid IEC (Import Export Code) registrants.

All the DSC issued is stored in USB tokens, these USB tokens are designed for encryption and storage of DSC having Private Key secured with the password for its access. These USB Tokens are available from Different manufactures such as e-pass token, trust-key token, etc. All the USB tokens serve the same purpose to store the encrypted Digital Signature.

The Validity of DSC are from 1 year to 3 years depend upon the time for which the user issues DSC. The user can use the DSC unlimited times during the validity of its Signature Certificate. Post expiry of DSC, it cannot be used unless it is renewed again.

Uses of Class 2 DSC

Uses of Class 3 DSC

Uses of DGFT DSC

Filing of Income Tax Return on Income Tax Portal or Form 16/16A signing


Online DGFT Filing

Filing of Company / LLP return on MCA Portal

Government e-marketplace (GEM) tendering

Return Filing on DGFT

Filing of GST Return on GST Portal

Central Government / PSU tendering

Name Change on DGFT

Filing of RBI returns of RBI Portal

ICEGATE, eSanchit, CHAs

Address change on DGFT

Employee Provident Fund portal and ESI Portal

Customs e-filing

Other e-filing on DGFT

Foreign Trade portal



All the DSC are issued by Certifying Authorities, these certifying authorities need to authenticate the user data before issuing DSC to them. Some of the Certifying Authorities are E-mudhra, TCS, Sify. One of the most popular issuer of Digital Signature are e-mudhra Digital Signature it can be accessed from Application for Digital Signature is a paperless document and it need to file online using PAN or Aadhaar based e-kyc verification. For foreign nationals there is mandatory requirement of apostilled Passport copy along-with bank statement copy or any utility bill not older than 60 days for issuance of Digital Signature. The Digital Signature Certificate is generated within same day of application.

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