GST Number Verification

GST Number Verification

GST Number verification is the process in which any entity can verify the GST number of its suppliers, Vendors or customers. GST Number verification can be done based upon unique 10 digit PAN.

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All registered tax payer are having a valid GSTIN known as GST Identification Number, this GSTIN is 15 digit alphanumeric registration numbers based upon the PAN of the entity.

Structure of GST Registration number comprises of:

  • First two number represent the state code
  • Next ten alphanumeric character represent the PAN of the registered entity
  • Next 13th number represent the entity number of the PAN (i.e. Proprietor / Partnership / Company etc)
  • Next 14th character contains an alphabet by default
  • Next 15th and last character represent check code used for detection of errors.

In order to avail proper Input tax credit (ITC) and seamless flow of credit the tax payer must ensure that the ITC availed from supplier of services / goods have valid GST registration number. If the registration number of supplier is not valid then the ITC cannot be availed. Further if the supplier of goods or services has not deposited tax or not filed its GST return properly then such supplier is treated as defaulter and this can result in denial of ITC.

For verification purposes GST Portal has allowed all the persons whether registered or not to verify the GST registration number of the supplier of goods. This facility can be availed from GST portal which can be accessed on

GST number verification is available free to all type of persons and this can be verified using either PAN or GST number of any other entity. GST number verification can help the user to file correct return and avoid any error on wrong input of GST number.

After providing the GST Registration number, following fields can be verified online:

  • Legal name of business
  • Trade name of business
  • Centre Jurisdiction of the registered entity
  • State Jurisdiction of the registered entity
  • Date of registration from which the entity is in running business
  • Constitution of the business (i.e. Proprietorship / Partnership / Company etc)
  • Type of taxpayer (i.e. Regular / casual / composition or any other)
  • Status of GST number (i.e. Active / Cancelled)
  • If GST number is cancelled then date of cancellation can also be viewed
  • Nature of business activity of the registered tax payer
  • Further any person can also view the return filing table in order to ascertain whether the GST returns is filed timely to ensure seamless availment of credit.

Benefits of GST Number verification of GST Registration number are:

  • To verify the authenticity or genuineness of GST registration number
  • In some cases GST registration number is hand written which is not clearly readable, verification of GST registration number ensure correct number to be entered while filing of GST return in order to avail seamless inflow of credit
  • Any person can prevent himself from fraud vendors who may use fake GST registration number
  • It help vendor to correct any error in the reporting GSTIN.

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