Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management play crucial role in overall Finance Function. A perfectly managed Cash Flow Management provide competitive edge to the business.

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Cash Flow management is one of the core objectives of the business for optimising the realisation from available resources. We at ReturnFilings.Com will prepare present cash flow, estimated cash flow forecast mapping with contractual obligation and budget. We work on maximising the cash flow by recommending certain areas for increasing cash flow. Cash Flow Management also adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Accounting Standards.

Certain Areas which can generate more cash flow based upon our analysis:

• Analyzing the Contractual Obligation of the Company: We will analyse all the contractual obligation of the organization and map it with the cash flow forecast, we will design and recommend for the milestone payment for future contract with the customers and also insist on the deposit from the customers.


• Analysing the debtors turnover ratio: We will analyse the debtors turnover ratio and map it with the terms of payment, in cases of long outstanding of debtors beyond payment terms, we insist on levy of interest on them. In case of early realization we can offer discount terms such as 2/10 in net 30 terms, this means 2% cash discount is given if paid within 10 days of invoicing otherwise full amount is payable in 30 days. This will not only boost up cash realization but also result in deploying the additional ash in other more revenue generating areas. This ensure better cash inflow from debtors using Cash Flow Management.


• Expense Cut or Delay in Expenses: We will analyse the overall expenditure of the company and segregate it into different parts such as Procurement of materials, other direct expenses, payment for staff, administration expenses and other indirect expenses. After segregating all expenses we will break it down further to analyse which cost that can be avoided and further cut down expenses without compromising on the quality of product and services. This ensure economical cash outflow using Cash Flow Management.


• Request for favourable terms from Vendors: We will analyse the terms of payment from all the vendor and map it with the cash flow forecast, we will prepare a report on terms of payment with the vendor and will recommend for more favourable terms of payment with the vendor such as if payment terms is for 15 days, ask it for 30 days and if it is for 30 days then ask it for 45 days and so on. Further we will analyse and recommend for engaging more vendor in similar supply of goods or services, this will increase competition among them and more favourable terms of payment can be enjoyed by the organisation.


• Analysing large Contract and recommend for finance purchase: In large contract wherein the organisation require significant amount, we recommend to enter into finance purchase, this will result in more cash in hand for materials and labour to execute the order, by adopting this method, most organisation can able to grab large contract, this will eventually result in growth and globalisation of the organisation.


• Explore new Demand thrusting areas and increase margins: Most organisations are striving on the margins due to facing of immense competition from other players. Another option we recommend is to identify new areas wherein the demand of its goods or services is thrusting, in such areas the organisation can increase its margins and take the leverage of demand. This will result in generating more cash inflows.


• Leasing of plant and equipment in their idle time: We will plan for the timing of the plant and equipment and identify those plant and equipment which are occasionally or seasonally or rarely used. Organisation can generate more cash inflow by leasing such plant and equipment in their idle time.


We at ReturnFilings.Com will provide you all type of Cash Flow Management services; we make it happen through the team of our professionally qualified staff. We at ReturnFilings.Com will provide you value added services which are based on our study after analysing your business scenario. We at ReturnFilings.Com are determinate to provide end to end solution; our motto is you concentrate on your business while we at ReturnFilings.Com will take care of all your cash flow management.