GST e-Invoicing

GST e-Invoicing

GST e-invoicing or electronic invoicing is real time capture of invoice on GST Portal. On the basis of GST e-invoicing, GST e-way bill and GST Returns get auto-populated.

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Invoicing is the first and foremost document which establishes the relation of buyer and seller specifying the goods / services supplied. It is also step into the nature of contract between a buyer and seller wherein the buyer comes under obligation to pay the amount specified in the invoice within due time to the seller.

Every business organisation uses invoice as per their own need, very small business unit use printed invoice, medium business unit use accounting software such as Tally / Busy for generation of invoice and some business unit uses ERP for generation of invoice. There is no specific format of invoice to be followed and every business unit use invoice bearing its logo as per its own design and convenience.

GST Act also not specifies the format of invoice, it can vary from organisation to organisation, but GST Act specifies the contents of invoice which contains following particulars:

  1. GST number of the seller along-with address
  2. GST number of the buyer / purchaser along-with address
  3. Date of invoice
  4. HSN / SAC code of the goods or services supplied
  5. Address if required under Bill to / Ship to model
  6. Unit / Quantity of goods supplied or nature of services performed
  7. Total amount of invoice
  8. GST on invoice with proper segregation among CGST / SGST / UTGST / IGST

Under present scenario when seller upload its GST return in Form GSTR-1 specifying details of sales made, it will eventually reflected in GSTR-2A of the buyer and the buyer need to reconcile its input tax credit. On the other side every registered tax payer need to determine its summary of GST Liability and input tax credit and submit the same in monthly GST return GSTR-3B.

In order to avoid the multiplicity of various returns, Government has introduced e-invoicing concept in GST. Government has launched specific portal for GST e-invoicing system which can be accessed on

GST E-invoicing or electronic invoicing is a system where in the tax payer will upload his invoice details and register his supply transaction on the Government Invoice Registration Portal (IRP)and get the Invoice Reference Number (IRN) generated by the IRP system. That is, the tax payer will first prepare and generate his invoice using his ERP/accounting system or manual system and then upload these invoice details to IRP and get the unique reference number, known as IRN. It is only intimating the government portal that invoice has been issued to the buyer, by registering that invoice on the government portal.  E-invoice portal is not a preparation or generation of tax payer’s invoice on government portal.

Presently it is mandatory for business entities having turnover exceeding INR 100 crore to report all invoices on Government Portal from 01-Apr-2020 onwards, for other entities it will become applicable in phased manner from October 2020. All type of invoices and debit and credit note are required to be reported on Government Portal except B2C invoices.

Benefits of GST e-invoicing are:

  • It reduce the process of reconciliation of input tax with GSTR-2A as automation of invoice through e-invoicing takes place.
  • E-invoice can be readable by various accounting software and it integrates into the accounting function of the business
  • E-way bill can be generated based upon the e-invoicing on instant basis.
  • Real-time tracking of all taxable B2B invoices can be possible.

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