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PAN stands for Permanent Account Number, it is a unique number which is required for filing income tax returns, it also serve to establish the identity of individual in India. Permanent Account Number in India is issued by NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) through their portal, and UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited) through their portal Both the platform provide the online mechanism to apply for Permanent Account Number.

Permanent Account Number is required for every individual in India and also for entities registered in India, thus the PAN is allotted to seven different kind of person / entities in India, these are:

  1. Natural Individual Person
  2. Hindu Undivided Family
  3. Company
  4. Partnership Firm
  5. Association of Persons (AoP)
  6. Body of Individuals (BoI)
  7. Artificial juridical person

To apply for Permanent Account Number, application form for all the above mentioned category of persons / entities are filled in FORM 49A. Form 49A is used for the first time for application of new Permanent Account Number by any person / entity. This application form can be filled online using biometric authentication of Aadhaar and can also be filled online using Digital Signature authentication. This Form 49A can also be filled offline by taking physical print of the blank application form and after filing all details and attach necessary documents can be mail through ordinary post or courier to the office of NSDL / UTIITSL for further processing.

Application of PAN for foreign nationals can be applied through FORM 49AA. For Individual and HUF of foreign nationals and other Foreign entities, there is need of certain documents to establish their identity proof and address proof, these documents shall be duly attested by “Apostille” (in respect of countries which are signatories to the Hague convention of 1961) or by Indian Embassy or High Commission or consulate in the Country where the applicant is located.

Changes / Correction in Permanent Account Number / Reprint of PAN

After generating the PAN, if there is any requirement for change in the data of Permanent Account Number or to reprint the card in case the same is lost or destroyed then the application for changes / correction in form 49A or 49AA can be filed on the portal of NSDL and UTIITSL. Post application, the applicant will get new card with same original Permanent Account number delivered on the address mentioned in the application form. Permanent Account Number generated once will be same during entire lifetime of the user, in case of entities, if there is any change in the constitution / form of the entity, then Permanent Account Number will not change but the change in constitution will got embedded in the Permanent Account Number data through change / correction of Permanent Account Number form.

Any person in India cannot hold more the one PAN, holding more than one PAN is punishable offence and monetary penalty of INR 10,000 can be imposed under section 272B of Income Tax Act. More than one PAN can be surrendered online by mentioning the Permanent Account Number to be retained and other Permanent Account Number to be surrendered.

All the individuals having PAN can get the Aadhaar linked online by mentioning the PAN and aadhaar on the income tax portal which can be accessed on ‘

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