Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping are the preliminary process for preparation of Financial Statements. Correct Accounting and Bookkeeping ensure true picture of financial statement and accurate statutory compliance.

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Accounting, bookkeeping and outsourcing services including management consulting, custom made services for compliance

For every business entity, maintaining of books of account is mandatory in order to analyse the financial position at a given point of time or after certain regular intervals, maintenance of account or bookkeeping also serve the purpose of various types of return filing such as GST return, TDS Return, Income Tax Return, PF and ESI Return and various other returns as per the law applicability according to size and nature of business entity.

Maintenance of books of accounting or bookkeeping is the matter of expert knowledge because considering the frequent changes in law and tax structure, the books of account also needs to adapt and maintain the accounting entries in accordance with law. Maintenance of books of account also serves as documentary evidence which may be required at the time of tax scrutiny cases or in the matter of resolution between debtors and creditors.

We at ReturnFilings.Com are team of qualified professionals, equipped with latest accounting software packages and various return filings software. We ensure that our clients receive best services to support their business requirement.

Reasons of outsourcing Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

• Cost Effectiveness: It will save the cost on employing full time accountant and maintaining infrastructure such as computer and software packages for bookkeeping and return filing.

• Expert Knowledge: With the rapid changing in law, we keep on updating our clients and maintain book of account as per amended law requirements and tax rates.

• Time Effectiveness: Maintenance of books on specialised software mapping with updated software for return filing saves lot of time and with the expert knowledge of our team all books of account are maintained on real time in compliance with law.

• Peace of Mind: We ensures for accurate bookkeeping and also timely and accurate filing of various return such as GST, TDS, Income Tax, PF/ESI etc as per the applicability to the business entity. This ensures peace of mind as accurate return is filed timely.

We offer accounting and bookkeeping services which can be customized as per user requirements:

• Complete Book Keeping & Accounting Process
• Account payable Function
• Account Receivable Function
• Fixed Assets Register as per Companies Act and As per Income Tax Act
• Payroll compliances
• Processing data required in supply chain management
• Preparation of Cash flow / profit & Loss account / income & expenditure account
• Year End Assistance such as Financials as per Company Law and also Audit co-ordination with Statutory Auditors.
• Our Team is conversant with Tally, QuickBooks and host of Business software that are generally accepted by Indian Statutes authorities.
• MIS reports are customized to Client needs; these can be provided on close of month or at specified period.
• Such MIS reports can be tuned and made ready for integration consolidation with Parent Holding Company (if required)

Other benefits that can be achieved on outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services to us are:

Report analytics
• Cash Flow Statement
• Profit & Loss Account / Income & Expenditure Statement
• Balance Sheet / Financial Statement
MIS Reporting
• Graphical representation of Financial results
• Improved and better decision making
Legal Requirements
• Maintenance of books as per Companies Act 2013
• Maintenance of books as per other applicable acts and laws.
• Considered as an evidence in the Court of Law
Technology Integration
• Providing information on real time
• Maintenance of book keeping in specialized software
• Providing report and analytics after analyzing business scenarios

We at ReturnFilings.Com will understand the purpose of your accounting and bookkeeping and thereafter will provide you specialised services using updated accounting software and other software for return filings. Outsourcing of accounting and bookkeeping to us will turn out to be economically and efficiently for your business. We at ReturnFilings.Com will provide you details of regulatory filings in order to ensure proper smooth and timely compliances. We at ReturnFilings.Com are determinate to provide end to end solution; our motto is you concentrate on your business while we at ReturnFilings.Com will take care of all your accounting and bookkeeping and other compliances need.