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Start a Company / LLP, Government Registrations, Tax / GST Registration & Filings

We are ReturnFilings.Com

We help businesses to grow exponentially by providing them services relating to legal and statutory compliances. Our core objective is providing legal and statutory compliances that are essential for business to keep them running at a very affordable cost without compromising on quality of work, we help business grow by let them concentrate on their core activities and we at ReturnFilings.Com take care on statutory compliances relating to Income Tax, GST, Companies Act, LLP Act, Labour Law and all other acts that are applicable on business.

ReturnFilings.Com is a platform which is managed, operated and driven by various qualified professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, IT Professionals having vast experience in their respective fields.

We are providing online legal compliance services right from the start-up and registration of new companies / LLP and entities and continue throughout their business lifecycle, ensuring regular statutory compliances and offering support at every stage to ensure the business grows exponentially. Although we provide online legal compliance solutions, at every instance we ensure for a human touch in order to provide quality driven services.

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Our Awesome Services

Choose as your online legal solution partner to handle business legalities right from registering your business to tax filings and regular compliance. Various Government Registration and compliance support services are also provided.

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Company / LLP Registration

We provide our services for company / LLP registration of all types. We also provide registration of foreign companies and foreign LLPs including RBI and other government Compliances relating to Foreign Entities.

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GST Registration / Filing

We provide GST Registration services and also provide services for data preparation and monthly / quarterly / annual GST return filings. We update and implement all GST amendments as and when applicable.

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Government Registration

We provide all types of Government registration and also ensure for its compliance after registration. Government Registration includes Startup Licence, RERA Registration, FSSAI Registration, Trade Licence, MSME, Import / Export Code and various others.

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ITR Preparation & Filing

We provide services relating to tax preparation and filing of all types of entities such as individual, company, LLP, HUF, Foreign entities etc. We also provide services for tax notices and replies and liasioning with the tax department.

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We provide all types of regulatory compliances whether it is monthly / quarterly / annually or event based compliances. We ensure all compliances timely and economically in order to minimize and nullify any penal interest or fee to the business.

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Accounting / Bookkeeping

We provide in-house and outsource accounting and bookkeeping services as per the requirement of business. We also provide tailor made services depending on the requirement of the business. We provide complete financials with accounting entries backup maintained in specialised software.

Why Choose Us

We help businesses to grow exponentially by providing them services relating to legal and statutory compliances.

User friendly

We work on user accessibility and access exchange of data on almost all platforms whether it is on mail , whatsapp, over phone, or any file transfer application.

CA / CS Assisted

In order to provide quality driven work, our services are assisted by professionals such as CA / CS / IT professionals etc.

Lowest Fees

As our core objective is to provide compliance services at affordable cost, we ensure that our prices are lower than industry standards to help business grow at a reasonable cost for compliances.


We laid down proper scope of work along-with our schedule of fees, it helps in maintaining transparency and strengthen our relationship for long-term and work hassle-free.
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Lowest Fees

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Stregthen Relationship

We not only provide business solutions or services, but we actually endeavour in strengthening the relationship with our clients. Our objective is to maintain a long-lasting relationship that will ultimately lead to confidence in each other.
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User friendly

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Stregthen Relationship

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our services are quality driven provided by professionals, we work for the satisfaction of our clients and regularly ensure timely and hassle-free compliance for our clients
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CA / CS Assisted

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

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Why Choose Us

Unmatched service quality driven by qualified professionals. We offer our services very cost effectively, thanks to digital flow of documents and communication which help us to reduce our cost and enhance quality service which result in both cost savings and time savings. We ensure that our prices are lower than industry standards to make business grow and to strengthen long-term relationship.
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टैक्स रिटर्न फाइलिंग में सटीकता सुनिश्चित करना: टीडीएस प्रमाणपत्र का सत्यापन, और 26एएस, एआईएस और टीआईएस से आय विवरण का मिलान

टैक्स रिटर्न फाइलिंग में सटीकता सुनिश्चित करना: टीडीएस प्रमाणपत्र का सत्यापन, और 26एएस, एआईएस और टीआईएस से आय विवरण का मिलान

कर अधिकारियों के नोटिस और जुर्माने से बचने के लिए सटीक कर रिटर्न दाखिल करना महत्वपूर्ण है। इसके लिए आपके स्रोत पर कर कटौती (टीडीएस)

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Blog 6 Hindi Image

निदेशक पहचान संख्या (डीआईएन) और डीआईएन की वार्षिक केवाईसी आवश्यकता को समझना

परिचय: कॉर्पोरेट प्रशासन के क्षेत्र में, निदेशक पहचान संख्या (डीआईएन) एक महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाती है, खासकर भारत जैसे न्यायक्षेत्रों में। यह विशिष्ट पहचानकर्ता भारत में

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